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Liquids from CIS

The miracle of vaping

The oldest tradition of tobacco smoking can be replaced, though not completely, by a new phenomenon, miraculously turned into a mass one.

Vaping (a word with English roots), meaning soaring, that is, inhaling and exhaling steam, and not smoke, as when smoking tobacco, is becoming more and more popular in the world, in Europe, in Ukraine.

True, the creators of the new smoking procedure did not refuse nicotine - when buying a liquid, the evaporation of which is intended for sweet consumption, the buyer can independently choose the nicotine concentration in it.

Arguments about how harmless a new form of smoking (vaping) should be left to the study of medical professionals.

From a business point of view, it is more important to maximize profit by satisfying huge human demands, that is, mass production and successful implementation:

  • structurally convenient, easy-to-use devices (vapes), similar in principle to conventional cigarettes, with the help of which the liquid turns into vapor for inhalation;

  • the liquids themselves, which serve as a source of vapors saturated with a variety of flavors and nicotine proportions.

In Ukraine, the leadership in the sale of such liquids - from the CIS countries, Europe, the USA - belongs to the online store, whose office and offline trading platform are located in the very center of Kyiv.

From nearest neighbors

The Commonwealth of Independent States does not leave Ukraine with its attention regarding the supply of various goods for the population, including vaping liquids.

Products are supplied under the brands of the most famous manufacturers in the world, including:

  • Top Jam;

  • VapeChaky;

  • freaks;

  • Morjim;

  • global vape.

Choosing exclusively by brand is too general, the buyer may not like the specifics of certain details in the future.

Optimal selection

Optimality implies, and the online store strongly recommends, evaluate in all products presented on the site:

  • the aroma that the liquid is saturated with. It will subsequently become the subject of your smell (some options are banana, raspberry-peach, strawberry, blueberry, apple, lime with berry sourness, cinnamon aroma);

  • the volume of the product in the bottle, all of them are designed spectacularly, with or without a cooler;

  • concentration of nicotine - there is an opportunity to adjust the level of safety from its consumption.

The liquid effect can be replaced by the sensations of chewing gum, toast, cereal with yogurt.

The pricing policy of the online store is aimed at ensuring that fans of a new way of getting pleasure with the help of inhaled vapor can purchase the product they like without thinking too much about financial resources - they will certainly be well spent.

Finishing cut

Having studied the whole complex of largely exclusive vape liquids posted on the website of our store, you can start the buying process, remembering, in particular, that our specialists will also help:

  • qualified advice;

  • professional winding of spirals.

In general, you are guaranteed a comfortable and fast service!

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