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E-liquid: what's in the bottle?

Increasingly, in the hand of a modern person one can see not a cigarette, but a vape - its electronic counterpart. We don't smoke, we vape! ”, say the vapers proudly. That is, they inhale not tobacco smoke, but steam. Each vapers is free to decide how his electronic cigarette should smell and how much nicotine should be in it (and whether it should be present at all).

Vaping has many benefits. But beginners or those who are just thinking of joining the ranks of vapers often wonder: is it dangerous to vape and what is contained in refills for electronic cigarettes?

In fact, the composition of vape liquid is usually standard. The difference is only in the proportions of the components used. The classic combination consists of distilled water, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor and nicotine additive. Nicotine-free blends are also available.

But if everyone uses a standard set of components, then why are some liquids tasty and popular, while others have not received the approval of vapers? It's all about the ability to knead high-quality liquid, which will give a thick smoke with a pleasant taste. To make high-quality batches, you need a special talent. And, as experienced vapers say, the creator of the Serious Juice line certainly has it.

Serious Juice Fab Four

The Serious Juice series are e-liquids made in the best traditions of Vape Shop Kiev. What does it mean? It's simple - each recipe was developed with soul, and the liquid is mixed from the highest quality ingredients. The process of creating these liquids with proportions took a little fiddling, but the result was worth it.

Today, the Serious Juice line consists of four unique e-liquids:

  • Sam;

  • mob;

  • Clo;

  • Sol.

In each variant, the proportions of VG/PG are maintained within 70/30, but the amount of nicotine in the batch can be ordered according to your needs: from 0 to 6 mg/ml.

Of the entire range of liquids presented in our store, this line wins even with its appearance: bright labels with old school style drawings and a very convenient bottle.

Sam, aka Samurai, surprisingly combines the softness and restraint of mango, peach and guava. This is the most neutral of the flavors of this line with a subtle grassy aftertaste on the exhale.

Mob, or mobster - bandit - serious and determined. The mood of this liquid is perfectly conveyed by the aroma of tobacco, in which notes of vanilla cream are quite real. Many say that this is the most complex and most unusual blend of the Serious Juice line.

Liquid Clo, or Clown, which means "clown" in English, is not only decorated with a thematic pattern, but also has a corresponding taste - bright and cheerful. Clo with its raspberry sourness, which then turns into the juiciness of strawberries and pineapples, will appeal to lovers of light, unobtrusive tastes.

Sol, soldier, soldier - all these are the names of the liquid, which combines the audacity of sweet and sour tangerines and the tenderness of the cream. If you listen carefully to the flavor composition, then in this liquid you can catch the taste of chocolate and cotton candy. In a word, Sol is a holiday, the New Year and everything connected with it.

Only with us - slurry for every taste

It is clear that it is impossible to steam all the existing slurry. But there are blends that every self-respecting vaper simply must try. At least in order to discover new, previously unexplored flavor compositions. And the Serious Juice line of liquids just belongs to such. Order, try and discover a new world of flavors and aromas that we are sure you will love!

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