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Vape liquid: what you should know about it

The 21st century has brought a fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Every year, more and more young people choose a safer alternative - vapes - instead of regular cigarettes. Now, to look modern and stylish, you should not smoke, but soar. And from the vaper comes not a suffocating smell of tobacco, but a pleasantly smelling cloud of steam. But what kind of aroma to surround yourself with, each vaper decides on his own. Fortunately, the market for liquids for refilling electronic cigarettes allows you to do this.

Vape refill liquid (liquid) is a substance consisting of several standard components:

  • nicotine base;

  • glycerin;

  • propylene glycol;

  • flavoring.

The proportions of the components can be completely different, as well as aromatic compositions. And the taste of the vapor inhaled by the vaper depends on how skillfully all these substances are combined.

What is the Tryit Liquids line

Tryit Liquids is a premium line of author's liquids created in the best traditions of Vape Shop Kiev. The presentation of the series took place back in 2015 at Vapexpo. The line began with 5 flavors, and then replenished with 2 more compositions.

Today, the Tryit Liquids series consists of 7 exquisite fragrances:

  • Indigo;

  • Manna;

  • Nectar;

  • slice;

  • sin;

  • Basil;

  • twist.

Each liquid in this line is a real explosion of taste, completely different from what other brands offer. The whole secret of the uniqueness of Tryit Liquids lies in the ingredients used. And in the recipe of these liquids, only the best is collected.

The line includes both nicotine-containing mixtures and liquids without nicotine. In the first, the concentration of nicotine can be from 1.5 to 6 mg / ml. At the same time, nicotine of one of the most popular world brands - Liquid Ice is used for kneading. As for the VG / PG ratio, in the liquids of this series it is 70/30, which results in a pleasant thick vapor with a mild taste.

And now about tastes. Despite the relatively small number of variations in the lineup, among the options presented, everyone will be able to choose something of their own. For example, lovers of classics in the form of a combination of sweet cream and strawberries will definitely like Manna. If we talk about the warmest taste that can warm you up on autumn evenings, then this is, of course, Indigo with its bouquet of currants and dry leaves. A light summer mood is guaranteed with Nectar or Slice, and Sin is the taste of ice cream and pear desserts loved by everyone since childhood. Looking for an herbal flavor? Then you should vape Basil. Need a sweet and sour exotic? Definitely choose Twist.

All Ukraine soars our products

Unlike ordinary online stores, where you can order a product based solely on its description, in our vape shop you can also test the purchased products.

The assortment of the store allows you to choose e-liquid for every taste and budget: from ordinary to exclusive self-mixes from premium components. In addition to liquids, you can also immediately purchase devices for them. Come to us - we will help you choose the first vape and liquid for it, or place an order via the Internet. For online buyers, we are also ready to provide assistance and answer questions.

Tryit Liquids are always a great choice. If you are an experienced vapers, then you will certainly appreciate all the subtleties of taste and thick smoke. If you are looking for a liquid for your first vaping, then it is even more worth taking Tryit Liquids to try all the delights of vaping and discover the secret of the popularity of vape culture from the very first draft.

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