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Зарядное устройство 18650

vape batteries

Vape Power Sources

The emergence of such a phenomenon as vaping has led to a significant decrease in the number of tobacco users. A heavy smoker who prefers to inhale clubs of aromatic vapor should have a special vape in his arsenal.

The device is an electronic cigarette, the design of which includes: a vessel for placing aromatic e-liquid, an evaporator, a battery pack for batteries. The full functioning of a vape, like any other electronic device, is possible only if there is a reliable source of electrical energy, the role of which is played by a rechargeable battery. The structure of the batteries consists of a sealed metal case, a lithium-ion battery, a microcircuit and a connector. With the help of the battery, the coil is heated to a temperature sufficient to evaporate the liquid.

If other structural elements of an electronic cigarette can be changed frequently, choosing the best option for taste sensations and the amount of vapor produced, then the 18650 battery can last a long period of time without replacement. To do this, you must have a high-quality charger for batteries (batteries) 18650, which allows you to quickly restore the working potential of this current source. The charger (charging) allows you to maintain the electronic batteries in a capable state, saving the user from unnecessary financial costs for the purchase of a new battery (battery) 18650.

Technical characteristics of chargers and batteries 18 650

There is a rule that must be taken into account and not violated - never allow the complete discharge of an electronic device in order to be able to "resuscitate" it. Experienced vapers recommend disconnecting the battery after each vaping session in order to save power or having a special charger that allows you to restore its charge.

Charging lithium batteries (lithium-ion batteries) 18650 does not require special skills or knowledge from the user. The Li-Ion charger can hold two to four 18650 lithium batteries and is usually equipped with a special indicator to monitor the status of the charging process. The red light indicates the current charging, and the green one indicates the possibility of disconnecting the device from the stationary power supply.

You can buy a high-quality charger (charger, charging) for batteries for vaping, designed for two or four batteries, as well as a lithium battery (battery) 18650 on the website The electronic catalog of the online store contains batteries and chargers of famous brands Golisi, Nitecore, Samsung. Each product has a detailed photo and technical specifications.

The charger characterizes:

  • the number of slots for accumulators;

  • input voltage;

  • charge current per channel;

  • charge off voltage;

  • additional equipment (USB cable, instructions, packaging).

18650 batteries feature:

  • capacity (mAh);

  • rated voltage (V);

  • full charge;

  • maximum continuous discharge current (A).

To make a purchase, you need to move the selected device to the electronic shopping cart and fill in the form fields, indicating your contact details and delivery method: pickup from the office or by courier (in Kiev), to the trucking company (in Ukraine).

The advantage of shopping in a virtual vape shop

The Vape Shop Kiev company provides its customers with a unique opportunity to join the world of vaping with the help of high-quality devices, the safety of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The main advantage of online shopping is to save time and money, since the store's online resource is accessible from the screen of a computer monitor, and the cost of goods does not include the costs associated with conventional shopping facilities.

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