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How does a vaporizer work in an electronic cigarette?

The case of an electronic cigarette can be glass or metal, inside it is an evaporator. This is a device by which a liquid changes into a gaseous state. When you inhale, an electronic cigarette releases an aerosol with the smallest particles of liquid - vapor. It is sprayed by a spiral that has optimal heating. The density and taste of steam depend on the design, dimensions of the evaporator and spiral. The composition of the liquid includes water, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine - at the request of the user. The amount of nicotine can be different, this determines the strength of the vape.

The vape vaporizer generates vapor from the liquid that is in a special capsule. The principle of operation of the device: the battery is turned on, it is supplied with current to the evaporator, and a liquid reservoir is located in it. The spiral and the wick are heated with a wound seal - cotton wool with glycerin and propylene glycol impregnation, flavoring. Thus, the process of evaporation of liquid from cotton wool takes place, it turns into fragrant steam.

Types and classification of electronic evaporators

There are many varieties of this device, all of them are selected for a specific vape, because each has its own technical characteristics.

When choosing, you should pay attention to such features as design, dimensions and resistance index.

  • The design may differ in the tank for filling, the number of wicks and the blowing of the nichrome spiral. The POD system uses liquid pods that must be connected directly to the vape battery. Such evaporators do not need to be filled with liquid, this explains the convenience and ease of use. The open type of such a device must be filled with liquid manually, after disassembling the device.

  • The comfort of operation and the overall appearance depend on the dimensions. Diameter up to 9 mm - a thin device, reminiscent of an analogue of a cigarette; up to 14 mm - the most popular compact model; the option up to 17 mm is less convenient compared to the previous one; up to 20 mm - medium-sized device; up to 23 mm - characterized by a capacious battery, but a large weight and, in this regard, inconvenient operation for some users.

  • The lower the coil resistance, the denser the vapor. Vapes with a resistance of 1.6 ohms intensively evaporate the solution, producing a dense vapor. A resistance of 1.8 or 2.1 ohms provides cold vapor, which is less dense.

If we consider the general characteristics, then there are devices: serviced (replaceable) and unattended. The first have a fully collapsible design, in which you can independently adjust the density of steam and resistance. Maintenance-free devices have a limited lifespan. They also have advantages - light weight, ergonomic dimensions, economical fluid consumption.

Pleasant vaping and easy refilling

The serviced structure should be periodically cleaned and preventive maintenance carried out, for this you need to disassemble the device. Proper care will extend the life and quality of the steam device. If an extraneous sound is heard during use, liquid may have got on the battery contacts. Unroll the case and wipe off the drops. Remove excess liquid from the electronic cigarette in a timely manner with a dry cloth. At night, you can remove the cartridge and put it upright.

Replaceable evaporators are refueled quite simply - you should unwind and insert a new capsule. You can buy an electronic vaporizer by looking at the offers that the Vape Shop Kiev specialized store presents on its pages, here you will find a wide selection of refills for every taste.

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