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Инструмент для намотки койлов

Winding tool kits

What affects the winding of the spiral

The popularity of electronic devices designed to inhale fragrant vapor is due to the lack of a ban on their use in public places and the ability to experiment with a wide range of taste preferences. Winding is a structural element of an electronic cigarette, representing a spiral of twisted wire - a coil, the parameters and shape of which affect the saturation of taste. When voltage is applied, the coil heats up to a temperature sufficient to evaporate the liquid in the wick to a vapor state.

To choose the best vaporization option, experienced vapers use wire from different materials: nickel, kanthal, nichrome, titanium, stainless steel, and all kinds of winding methods: simple, parallel, pigtail, complex patterned weaving. Each material has a certain number of maximum heating cycles.

It is believed that a large number of curls increases the evaporation area, allowing you to get more steam. There is also a direct relationship between coil area and power supply: the larger the coil area, the more powerful the battery used to heat it up. The main characteristic of winding is its resistance, which depends on:

  • spiral length;

  • wire thickness;

  • used material.

To use your own winding, you need to have a serviced atomizer with the abbreviation RDA, RTA or RDTA, and for its manufacture - a special tool.

Types and variety of choice

The modern market of products for vapers offers two types of windings:

  • ready-made spare parts that are installed in place of burnt spirals;

  • accessories for independent formation of the evaporator area.

Coil winding tools are sold as a set or individually. A complete set may include: screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, scissors, side cutters, pliers, tweezers, winding frames. Self-manufacturing of the spiral allows you to reduce the financial costs of maintaining the RDA and adjust its characteristics for yourself.

There are several types of coils:

  • construction of tight-fitting coils;

  • a spiral having gaps between the turns;

  • complex weaving with a large surface for evaporation.

For the correct manufacture of the spiral, the following points must be considered:

  • the choice of wire diameter depends on the power of the vape - the more powerful, the thicker;

  • to increase the heating rate, two thin wires can be used;

  • not only the amount of steam depends on the number of turns, but also the amount of energy consumed to heat the liquid.

The electronic catalog of the site presents a large assortment of titanium and kanthal wire with a diameter of 0.3-1 mm, a volume of 2 or 10 grams.

Best price offers from

For vapers who want to have a branded vape and a set of tools for self-winding coils in their arsenal, it is enough to become a client of the Vape Shop Kiev online store. The online resource specializes in the supply of branded products for those who like to inhale steam, regularly updates the positions of the electronic catalog and holds profitable promotions.

You can buy a wire for winding a coil (coil) and a set of tools remotely by moving the selected product to an electronic basket or placing an order by calling the contact phone number indicated on the website. Users who subscribe to the newsletter will always be aware of sales with big discounts.

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