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Украинские жидкости для вейпа

Ukrainian liquids

Vaping is an exquisite alternative to cigarettes

Vaping is considered one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century, which has already helped thousands of people to cope with nicotine addiction. The electronic cigarette does not contain tar and other harmful substances that smokers usually inhale, and the concentration of nicotine in it can be gradually reduced down to zero. Today, vaping is seen as more than just a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Now vape is a symbol of prestige and status.

But, perhaps, vaping would never have become so popular if it weren’t for the delicious fragrant liquids that serve as a substitute for tobacco in electronic devices. For a long time, American liquids were considered the best liquids on the world market. They really once won both in terms of variety of tastes and quality. But in recent years, Ukrainian manufacturers have also quite successfully declared themselves on the market for vaping products. The products of domestic brands made real competition to foreign slurries.

Why you should try Ukrainian slurry

Regardless of who the manufacturer of the vape liquid is, its composition is always more or less identical. Each e-liquid is made up of distilled water, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavors. The secret of the demand for the products of a particular brand lies in the quality of the components used for kneading, as well as how harmoniously the ingredients are combined.

If we talk about a domestic product, then today Ukrainian producers have access to all the same ingredients that their European and American counterparts usually use. The same can be said about the technologies for the production of mixtures for electronic cigarettes. This gives grounds to say with confidence that Ukrainian vape liquids from the best domestic manufacturers are in no way inferior to imported goods, but at the same time they are significantly cheaper.

High-quality Ukrainian vape liquid is:

  • original flavor composition;

  • play of shades on inhalation and exhalation;

  • original flavors that cannot be achieved by self-mixing;

  • dense steam;

  • use of high-quality, safe for health components.

Nevertheless, we are aware that not every vaper, especially a beginner, will be able to determine by eye which of the domestic e-liquids are of high quality, and which products are better to refuse. Therefore, we tried to make life as easy as possible for all vapers and have already selected the best of the best that the domestic market offers for the catalog of the Vape Shop Kiev online store.

What we offer

Vape Shop Kiev is the largest selection of original premium e-liquids only from trusted brands. Now our catalog contains a large number of liquids from more than 10 Ukrainian brands, as well as author's self-mixes. Such an extensive range allows vapers to choose the most suitable liquid for taste, nicotine concentration, bottle volume and cost.

Doubt your choice? Come to our vape shop in Kyiv, where you can always taste interesting liquids. If you want to buy vape liquid over the Internet, we will answer your questions by phone or in personal correspondence and help you make a choice.

Discover the world of Ukrainian premium e-liquids, and Vape Shop Kiev is always at your service!

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