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Расходники для вейпа

Vape accessories

Maintenance of electronic cigarettes

Each device requires high-quality and timely care, regular cleaning, refueling and recharging. Parts have their own expiration date, so they should be changed periodically so as not to reduce the supply and formation of steam, as well as other characteristics of the device. The main parts of a vape that require periodic replacement are the evaporator, battery, charger and cartridges.

  • The operation of electronic cigarettes is provided by batteries - accumulators, which are mainly rechargeable.

  • Vape chargers are presented in the form of a USB cable that connects to the device and a power source.

  • An evaporator is a design that allows you to turn a liquid into vapor. Evaporators are of closed and open type. The first option involves the presence of liquid capsules that are connected to the vape battery. They are ready to use, they do not need to be filled with liquid, unlike open-type evaporators. The second type requires refueling manually, with a preliminary disassembly of the device.

  • A capsule is a cartridge that is already filled with liquid and does not require refilling. It is connected to a closed-type electronic evaporator.

  • E-liquid is a mixture of water, glycerin, fragrance, propylene glycol, and optionally nicotine. Capsules, liquids come in a variety of flavors and strength levels.

There are also additional elements and accessories: cases, drip tips, bolts, spare glasses and much more, the timely replacement of which is no less important for comfortable vaping.

How to choose accessories for vape?

The components of an electronic cigarette make up the functional system of the device, without which it will not be possible to enjoy a thick fragrant vapor. They improve the quality of operation of the device, make it more convenient to use, and also create an individual style of the vaper.

When choosing any part of a vape, you should follow the general rules.

  • Component compatibility. Each model of an electronic cigarette has the features and filling. It is important that the element fits the model of your device, matches the brand, and the external characteristics (connectors and dimensions) are correctly selected.

  • In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the elements of the device, you should trust the specialists if you are not too competent in this area.

  • The selection and purchase of parts should be done in a specialized store, where you will receive professional advice, as well as assistance in choosing and maintaining the device.

When servicing, it is important to pay attention to all elements of the electronic cigarette and their quality. Components must correspond to the type of device and fit certain parameters.

High-quality components are the key to long-term operation of the vape

Competently selected components will not only prolong the “life” of the device, but also create an updated fashionable design. Spare parts can also improve the efficiency of steam supply and generation. Only thanks to reliable parts, the device will work better, creating thick puffs of steam.

The most commonly purchased item is the drip tip or mouthpiece. This is the part through which the steam is inhaled. Products are quite functional, come in different colors, designs. In some devices, the capsule may be a mouthpiece. Vape cases make it possible to keep the device, cartridges, USB charging neat.

A wide range of drip tips, cartridges, atomizers, cases, as well as many other accessories, spare parts for electronic cigarettes is offered by our online store. You can buy high-quality vape consumables that will complement and improve your device on our website.

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