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Американские жидкости для вейпа

American liquids

Vibrant history

When the first electronic cigarette appeared in China in 2003, it was still impossible to assume that in just a decade and a half such devices would be considered obsolete by a certain part of smokers.

Probably, the dynamics of development in 21st century really intensified - already in 2015 there was a peak surge in mass, on a global scale, sales of vapes - special, usually portable, devices with by means of which flavored fillers (liquids) are converted into vapor consumed by smokers instead of habitual tobacco smoke.

Such a vape sensation, oddly enough, has not subsided so far - moreover, with the continued demand for vaping liquids (this is the name of the process itself), their modifications continue to actively develop, premium products appear, which are produced before everything in the USA.

Consumers are not stopped even by increasingly louder warnings from doctors that the new hobby is by no means safe, but, on the contrary, carries new threats due to deceptive harmlessness.

But American, European, Asian manufacturers of flavored vape liquids are only increasing their momentum - this is clearly felt in the corresponding segment of the Ukrainian market, the leading position in which is held by the Internet resource, declaring its fully justified claims to the championship in a store created by specialists in the very center of Kiev.

American exuberance

Examining one after another the pages of the electronic catalog on the portal, where the American vape liquid in various modifications is located, it becomes clear that it is hardly possible to compete with overseas products in this direction.

Hundreds of positions are colored with designer beautiful and technically flawless bottles, which contain tempting sources for steam, flavored with pleasant - familiar, exotic and refined smells.

Looking at the incredibly high column that lists the brands under which all these products are released, it feels like belonging to that elite part of society that can already boast of amazing vaping experiences based on the use of premium American e-liquids.

The main ten, for example, brand names:

  • air factory;

  • Bake Sale;

  • Campfire;

  • Dairy Dreams;

  • EZO;

  • Flippin Packs;

  • Geeked out;

  • humble;

  • Jam Monster;

  • Keep It 100.

And it's not even half.

How to figure it out?

If you went to the site of the online store for a specific e-liquid, then you can ignore other products, although we still advise you to do this - a change in sensations when replacing a product can affect your mood in the best possible way.

If the choice is not made in advance, then you can start with the price of the goods - their interval is quite significant, it is specially designed so that not a single buyer, regardless of the size of the wallet, leaves us unsatisfied.

Next, take a look at:

  • the most desired aroma, which best suits your taste preferences;

  • the volume of the bottle, if its design leaves you indifferent;

  • complete set - as part of the purchase, there may be additives in the form, for example, of a bag of cotton wool.

Be strict about the choice of nicotine concentration in the liquid that you will inhale after a while in the form of vapor - compare it with the resources of your body.

Do not hesitate to seek qualified advice from a store employee - you will never be refused, just as there will be no refusal in a simple, quick and convenient purchase.

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