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Авторские жидкости для вейпа

Author's liquids (self-mixing) for electronic cigarettes

Why vapers choose self-brewing

Electronic cigarettes, they are also vapes, entered modern life confidently and, apparently, for a long time. Still would! This is a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, which is becoming more and more popular in the world every year. Ukraine is also trying to keep up with newfangled trends. And we know what we are talking about: the demand for e-liquids and e-liquids is growing rapidly.

But it should be understood that all vapers are different, everyone has their own taste and special wishes for vaping liquid, and the offers of even top manufacturers, although quite extensive, are not unlimited. Therefore, sooner or later, vapers are faced with the need to expand their collection of liquids. Someone just wants to try something new, for others, the usual market offers look boring. And in this case, only self-mixing can help.

Self-mixing is a vape liquid prepared by the vapers themselves. This e-liquid is highly respected by discerning vapers, as it always has a unique taste and emphasizes the individuality of the vapers.

In principle, with certain knowledge and the necessary components, you can create e-liquid for vaping yourself, but many still prefer to buy ready-made self-mixing.

Self-mixing options from Vape Shop Kiev

At one time, Vape Shop Kiev faced the same problem as most vapers in Ukraine - the lack of original and new flavors of e-liquid for vaping. We categorically did not want to be content only with what well-known brands offer. Yes, and buyers regularly asked where in Ukraine you can buy good self-mixing. So in our assortment there was a collection of author's batches, which have already managed to collect a lot of positive feedback from both beginners and experienced bathers.

Currently, our collection of self-mixing is represented by more than 50 types of e-liquids. For lovers of traditional mono-flavors, we can offer several dozen options, including the most popular in this group: Watermelon, Pineapple, Cherry, Mango, Apple. For lovers of fresh flavors, we have Menthol and White Tea liquids. For lovers of more complex flavor compositions, there are also dozens of interesting author's mixtures with no less intriguing names. Do you want something really new? We recommend trying Monkey on acid, Love potion, French kiss or Halloween.

If this whole sweet-fruity series is not your story, and even a vape should smell like real cigarettes for you, then we advise you to pay attention to our author's e-liquid Tobacco or, for example, Maple Tobacco, in which the dense taste of tobacco is slightly emphasized by the aroma of maple syrup.

However, we are sure that even without our advice you will easily pick up liquid in the collection that will be ideal for you.

Why is it better to go to us for self-mixing

The more the demand for self-mixing grows, the more offers from individuals appear on the Internet. But when buying liquid from an unknown seller, a vaper always takes risks. It is difficult to predict what it actually consists of.

When choosing self-mixing in Vape Shop Kiev, you not only know in advance exactly what flavor nuances the e-liquid consists of, but you can also determine its chemical composition yourself.

In our catalog, slurry can be selected by:

  • taste;

  • nicotine concentrations;

  • vial volume.

If you are quitting smoking and need a vape, as part of a program to combat cigarette addiction, we have e-liquids with either no nicotine at all or with a small concentration of it.

Are you planning only to try our kneading and not sure if you will like this particular taste? Take a small bottle of 10 ml. Do you want, on the contrary, to stock up on slurry for a long time? Our advice: order several jars of 30 ml at once. In Vape Shop Kiev, self-mixing can be bought online with delivery to Kharkiv, Odessa, any other city, or come directly to us in Kyiv - we are always glad to have guests.

The author's collection of batches from Vape Shop Kiev is an opportunity to emphasize your own individuality, try something that is inaccessible to others, and become special. Discover the world of soaring from a new perspective, and we will help you with this!

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