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Жидкость для вейпа малайзия

Malaysian liquids

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Successful fight

Manufacturers and distributors of flavored liquids for vaping, vapes themselves of various modifications, fans of inhaling and exhaling vapor with different flavors instead of the usual smoking are struggling hard:

  • for the best place in the world market - with those who produce and sell tobacco products and accessories for them;

  • with an active part of the medical community, which, by lobbying the interests of tobacco manufacturers, promotes their interests, declaring vaping very dangerous for health, which has not been proven by anyone;

  • among themselves - for the mass nature of the clientele, despite the fact that its total number is increasing from year to year.

It is impossible not to notice that high competition makes the participants in this struggle act more and more sophisticated:

  • diversifying its already quite wide assortment, offering more and more new samples of vape and liquids for it;

  • increasing, as far as possible, the quality level of these specific products;

  • offering customers additional services in the service sector;

  • conducting an offensive information campaign.

For vape users, this leads to positive results.

The presence of a distant land

Malaysia - a state in distant Indochina, bisected by the South China Sea - has very actively and successfully intervened in the struggle in the vape liquid market, having achieved significant success in it, even against the backdrop of the global dominance of American products.

In Malaysia, where the labor force is incomparably cheaper than the American one, and the traditions of manufacturing aromatic substances date back more than one century, this production was taken very seriously, which resulted in an impressive promotion of Malaysian flavors to the European and, in particular, Ukrainian market.

In Ukraine, there were entrepreneurs who, faster than others, appreciated the possibilities of promoting excellent products from the southeastern tip of Asia — the leading positions were taken by the specialized online store, created in Kyiv.

From what and how to choose?

Three dozen (so far) samples of Malaysian vaping liquids from the five largest brands have taken their positions in the electronic catalog:

  • Vape Bro;

  • Hustler;

  • Horny Flava;

  • Flamingo;

  • Fcukin Flava.

If none of these brands were known to you until now, then it's time to plunge into the sea of trendy South Asian fragrances by trying samples from each model line in succession.

If any of the trademarks presented on the virtual showcase already enjoys your recognition, then you just need to choose the desired option among its products - again, to complete the experience, it would be nice to try each liquid.

Beginners in the field of vape smoking can listen to the opinion of those who are already “in the know”, or get qualified advice from the specialists of the online store. However, having studied the catalog, you can make a completely independent choice.

The aroma is chosen, of course, to taste:

  • mint;

  • grape;

  • mango;

  • mixed fruit;

  • pink;

  • orange-strawberry.

When you get to more material characteristics, do not neglect:

  • the volume of the vial, which can range from 30 to 100 ml;

  • choosing the concentration of nicotine in the liquid - taking into account the state of one's health;

  • prices - for all their adequacy to product quality, you can find options more expensive or cheaper.

Do not forget about the work of designers who have created spectacular beautiful bottles at the level of works of art - the aesthetics of your vaping will only benefit from this.

From the choice made - a direct path to the order, payment and receipt of the purchase!

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