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Бокс мод


Battery box mods - functionally advanced electronic cigarettes for vaping

Electronic vaping, which is provided by a special device called a vape, or electronic cigarette, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to classic tobacco smoking, with a number of advantages. Among them is the absence of the smell of smoke, which impregnates the skin and clothes of an avid smoker of regular cigarettes, as well as the ability to choose devices in accordance with different preferences, use the device without the need for lighters. An electronic battery is responsible for the process, which supplies a “spark” to the atomizer, as a result of which the coil heats up and the liquid evaporates.

The name itself - Box mod - suggests that this device is made in the form of a compact box. Box mods, unlike mechanical mods, allow not only to initiate the formation of steam, but also more flexible in settings, which is provided by a special built-in control board. The ability to adjust vape parameters, replace components, as well as increased safety of use are the main reasons why vapers prefer box mods.

Electronic Battery Box Mod: Basic Features

The vape market offers a huge number of power devices for vaping with a rechargeable built-in or removable battery, which differ in technical characteristics and capabilities. Box mods with a board have a number of advantages that distinguish them from mechanical counterparts:

  • by adjusting and displaying the settings on the screen, the vaper can control the quality of vapor, the taste and flavor properties of the puff, and the power, which opens up wide opportunities for various experiments;

  • thanks to the built-in control system against overheating and short circuits, box mods are completely safe during operation;

  • the stabilizer included in the design of the board ensures uniform vaping even in the case of a weakly charged battery;

  • display on the mini-display of such technical characteristics as charge, power, voltage.

Before buying a box mod, carefully study the characteristics that you should pay attention to and choose the best option, taking into account the price and capabilities, based on your own preferences, by contacting a trusted distributor of Box mod devices - Vape Shop Kiev (Ukraine, Kiev).

Vape-electronics in the profile store Vape Shop Kiev

Where to buy a box mod and how much does an electronic vape cost in Ukraine? The price of box mods (Box mod) depends on parameters such as:

  • maximum applied voltage;

  • power;

  • the presence of thermal control;

  • overcharge protection;

  • battery type;

  • supported resistance;

  • manufacturer's brand.

For beginners and experienced vapers, Vape Shop Kiev (Kyiv, Ukraine) offers to order and buy a battery electronic box mod on the pages of the online catalog, choosing a model from the line of offers from such well-known companies as Asmodus, Voopoo, Aspire, Wismec, producing box mods in various designs and with various functionalities.

Photo-visualization will help evaluate the external design of the model, and the dimensions and technical parameters are indicated in the description of the device. All offered models are from original brands with quality assurance. Our consultants will help you make the right choice of device, as well as provide detailed information on all questions of interest regarding vaping.

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