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Заправка для вейпа

Liquids for electronic cigarettes

Filling liquid for electronic cigarettes - the basis of the vaping process

An electronic device, or vape device, is a device for smoking, during which the user inhales not smoke, but steam. But in order to be able to take a puff, vapes must include a heating element and liquid, which will evaporate, forming, in fact, the very same vapor clouds.

Since the operation of an electronic cigarette eliminates the combustion process, tar and carcinogens do not enter the respiratory tract directly, which, in fact, is an important advantage of these devices. But the quality and taste of fragrant vaping directly depends on the filling of the vape - liquid, which contains specific flavors, and is also characterized by the presence of nicotine in a certain percentage or completely excludes it.

The main characteristics of liquid for vape and the basic composition

The key part of the steam generators is the coil with the wick, which, when it comes into contact with the slurry, causes it to evaporate. Refueling for electronics can be called differently, for example, e-liquid or even juice, although Russian-speaking vapers often call refills for mods liquid. But, regardless of the name, the fill for the electronics has a specific composition:

  • pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG), which is also a flavor initializer;

  • vegetable glycerin (VG), which is responsible for the formation of steam;

  • water (distilled AD) to dilute too thick liquid, providing better wick impregnation and fluidity.

There are also liquids containing a certain dose of nicotine. For those who have started smoking, or rather vaping, it is advisable to choose e-liquid without nicotine content. If the user switched to vaping, wanting to quit tobacco smoking and get rid of nicotine addiction, you need to choose the liquid for mod gadgets according to the “strength”, in accordance with the percentage of nicotine entry per ml of liquid, gradually switching to weaker solutions.

Light, medium and strong liquids for an electronic vaporizer can contain 6, 12 or 18 mg of nicotine per ml, although there are also more powerful nicotine vapes, in the case of which you need to limit the number of puffs.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose liquids based on different flavors that echo cigarette brands or other specific flavors and aftertastes, such as fruit and berry.

E-liquid for vape: where to buy a premium consumable and whether it is possible to use alternatives to "native" compositions

To use high-quality liquid for the evaporator, you need to buy it in stores that offer proven certified products from world famous brands. You should not refill your electronics with dubious compositions and self-mixes, which are recommended only for experienced vapers, and even more so - experiment with the use of water, alcohol or juices in order to save money. Refilling with liquid that is not intended for vaping is a damaged electronic cigarette, the cost of repair of which will be completely unjustified. And there will be no steam, as well as taste.

Premium liquids for electronic cigarettes are characterized by high-quality and safe components, perfectly matched dosage for effective vaping. Premium vape liquids are designed for different devices, taking into account the functionality and features, you can buy them in the premium segment for electronics at an affordable price, incomparable with the costs of eliminating the consequences of using a consumable of dubious quality.

Premium liquids for refilling electronic vape vaporizers: where to buy in Ukraine

The Vape Shop Kiev online store (Ukraine) presents on the pages of its online catalog premium e-liquids for e-liquids from well-known manufacturers, which can be ordered and bought in a wide price range by selecting volumes from 10 to_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_120 ml. The online resource presents liquids of various compositions, including mono-liquids with specific flavors of berries and fruits, coffee, tobacco, menthol, champagne, as well as trying the company's unique author's recipes at affordable prices.

New items are constantly appearing on the site, which open up wide prospects for experimenting in vaping and choosing “your” individual taste among the variety of offers. All presented consumables are provided with a description of the proportions of the components included in the composition, volumes, prices and characteristics are also indicated.

For more detailed information, please contact our staff who will help you make the right choice and provide additional advice on each product.

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