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Stylish and concise mech mods for vaping

The first models of mechanical mods were patented at the beginning of the 21st century, electronic cigarettes, characterized by a rather small battery capacity, mediocre vaping performance and short battery life. Modern devices are far from those gloomy "tubes", but stylish functional accessories with the chic inherent in the newfangled direction of soaring.

Externally, mechanical mods have a fairly simple design, and the internal stuffing, unlike box mods on electronic boards, is concise and trivial. In the body of the device there is a battery or a battery and a container for “planting” an atomizer, which is filled with a flavored liquid of a certain composition with or without nicotine content, or cotton wool in the simplest devices - for dripping the evaporated liquid. On the body there is a button that activates the action - soaring. The electronics heat up the coil of the atomizer and cause the e-liquid to evaporate, which leads to the generation of vapor, which the vaper inhales.

Such a simple model has both advantages and disadvantages, which is especially significant in comparison with box mods, the functionality of which is built on an adjustable principle using electronic circuit boards.

Which vape device do you prefer - a mech mod or a box mod on the board?

Beginners often ask a similar question, although a definite answer cannot be given to it. Both devices have pros and cons - it's like comparing mechanical shaving machines with electronic ones, and even the price does not determine the priority of choice - there are expensive mech mods (unless, of course, you prefer to buy an original mech mod rather than a cheap fake ) and fairly budget box mods.

And yet you need to know that mech mods, which are structurally simpler, are also easy to repair, which you can do yourself in case of breakdowns in the mechanism. Even at the very dawn of soaring, enthusiasts knew how to make such a gadget on their own. But, without electronic control, they are less safe. There is no protection against overcharging and short circuits, moreover, it is difficult to control the battery life, and if a significant battery life is lost, the quality and saturation of the steam are significantly lost. But the indisputable advantage of such devices is the ability to "squeeze out" maximum power.

The sale of mechanical mods in Ukraine is already widely developed, but it is important to choose vape shops where you can buy original mechanical mods that are produced by branded manufacturers. Only in this case can durability, high performance and stylish external design of the device be guaranteed.

Vape Shop Kiev (Kyiv, Ukraine) - a company where you can buy original high-quality mechanical mods

A profile distributor of products for vaping offers to buy a stylish mechanical mod in Kyiv by visiting a stationary store at Saksaganskogo, 30B or place an order online in any city of Ukraine. The store's collection contains only original models from the world's leading manufacturers, which guarantees the quality of the goods.

Vape devices are provided with descriptions, in particular, dimensions, weight, connector type (510), models for 1 and 2 high-power 18650 batteries. vaping that matches the personal taste and stylish image of the vaper.

The company invites everyone to visit - to the store of vape devices, consumables and components, where in a cozy atmosphere you can view and evaluate the product in close proximity. If this is not possible, feel free to seek advice over the phone or online. Managers will answer all questions and help you make the best choice, taking into account the needs of a vaping fan.

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