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Drips (RDA)

History of the atomizer

Modern smokers are increasingly giving their preference to a new type of smoking using an electronic cigarette. The first patent for the invention of this device was registered in the United States in the thirties of the XX century. However, there is no information about the subsequent successful promotion of this technology. The mass production of electric cigarettes began thanks to a pharmacist from China, who, having survived the death of his father, a heavy tobacco smoker, developed a new, less harmful product for the respiratory system called vape, which allows you to enjoy fragrant vapors without harming your health.

One of the basic elements of an electronic vape is an atomizer, in which flavored liquid is supplied to the evaporator to form vapor. The design is a combination of two working components: a metal heater in the form of a spiral, mesh or plate, and a cotton wick. The RDA-type model does not have a separate tank for aromatic e-liquid, so the body of the device is used as a vessel for placing the liquid and the vaporizer. The result is a shortened path for the aroma mixture to reach the coils, providing maximum vapor volume and rich flavor on a puff. A variation of the RDA is the RDTA model, which has a 2-3 ml liquid capacity in its potential.

When choosing a suitable atomizer, it is necessary to take into account its functional features:

  • variant of the direction of blowing the spiral (lateral lower, upper);

  • tightening force and the possibility of its adjustment;

  • chamber volume;

  • the location of the supports for fastening the spirals.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages: the presence of an upper airflow allows the use of a large volume of liquid in the chamber, which increases the number of sessions, and the lower airflow provides a rich taste, but the tightness of the structure may be violated. The type of evaporator and the consumable material used directly affect the volume of steam and its taste.

You can find a retail outlet in Ukraine where you can profitably buy a branded RDA RDA on the Internet.

Accessories Feature

The accessories offered to vapers differ from each other:

  • wick shape;

  • option for delivering fluid to the coil.

Also, atomizers have different performance and performance characteristics:

  • ergonomics that determine the level of comfort of the vaper (convenient refilling, simple assembly);

  • design;

  • flavor transfer, depending on the length of the path from the heating element to the upper dome of the tank;

  • traction force (cigarette, hookah).

Detailing taste depends on the material of the wire: titanium, nickel, steel, kanthal, nichrome, and the features of its execution (round section, spiral, braid, more complex weaving). When choosing a suitable model, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the device: diameter and height.

Dripka RDA has a number of advantages that distinguish it favorably in the line of similar devices:

  • the opportunity to taste the taste of several liquids during one smoke break;

  • the use of different spirals, as an experiment in choosing the most optimal soaring conditions;

  • simple service.

Online shopping: quality over price

After analyzing the potential of the Vape Shop Kiev online store (Ukraine, Kyiv), you can buy original RDA models for an experienced and novice vaper, with excellent characteristics and an advantageous price-quality ratio. The electronic catalog of the site contains branded goods from American and Chinese manufacturers for every taste. Products are of high quality materials used, which guarantees a long service life. You can order the delivery of RDA or other goods using the contact phone number indicated on the website or through an electronic shopping cart.

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